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"You're sure you can handle taking care of Kilmor by yourself, Arc?" he'd asked.

As if in agreeing, Arc simply nodded.

"Ok then. I'll help the others distract Death. But should he see you, I want you to take Kilmor with you and run to my ship. On it is an advanced medical droid I call Mel. Tell her that you're a friend of mine, and that Kilmor needs help. Also, if you can, contact the Rebels and tell them everything about our current situation. Got it? Good."

*Topshot then goes back into the cantina to help the others deal with Death, in his own special way. Activates his Shadow armor's cloaking device and attaches a yslamiri to his back. Pulls out his Tenloss Disruptor and charges a shot.*

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"
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