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Name: Minas Tirith ( )

Race: Kel Dor (M)

Story: Minas grew up as a standard Kel Dor child before his 'magic' destroyed a mine ripping apart all of the men. Minas was banished where he ran into a jedi apprentice his force powers ripped the apprentice to pieces where Minas stole his lightstaff and learned how to use it perfectly. With his force skills and his sabre skills he is a force to be reckoned with.

Size: 6'4

Weight: 265 lbs

A robe like Luke's tunic only purple

Orange Sabre one side purple the other, DEMP2, a grappling hook, Stouker Concussion rifle and a imperial repeater.

A bounty Hunter/merc (anything for a bit of money)

Superb force powers: All dark force powers from JK I Lv 4
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