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Arrow nose picking

Taking life too seriously, eh? And this is a two page thread containing a heated argument concerning the name of another forum which is a sub-forum of another forum of a site called LucasForums which is about 0.00001% or the Internet, which is a moderately small part of our society, which is part of this planet, which is so infinitely small that it really doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of the universe, which is probably only one of an infinite amount of other parallel universes which alltogether makes up something that the human mind can't even comprehend.

Dude, put it into perspective. ;;
sorry, but i'm gonna pick on this, too.

well, let me start with the big stuff.

1) about the parallel universe and other things outside of our solar system or planet: i highly doubt that anybody here (unless they're an astrologist or something like that) is and/or needs to be concerned about any of that, therefore it doesn't really matter in our peek into perspective.

2) even though this community is only "0.00001%" of the internet, i don't think that everybody here is involved with every single little thing in the other 99.99999%.

3) and even though it is a sub-forum of a forum within a website, we are all involved in it and therefore it should matter to some of us, because even though there a billions or maybe trillions of things we should be concerned with, we're not bothered by all of that and this "sub-forum of a forum" is a part of our exclusive lives, no matter how important it may be to us, and it should mean something to at least one person here. it's not like we're all involved with planets and nebuli trillions of light years away or anything.

anyway....i think that contacting the admin would be the right thing to do if we wanted to change the name of the ex-harbor back to the harbor, otherwise...there's no way to change it, really...i personally don't have to bit of a problem with it, it's just weird. i know it's not like the name makes a difference, they're just characters in the english language typed on a screen, but it holds some significance, i think. especially since it's been the harbor for the past...however long it's been. and the only reason i feel anything about this subject is because it never even needed to be changed in the first place, but whatever. it's changed and i can't really do anything about it. i'm sure i'll be able to cope.
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