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Appraise[INT]: You can determine the value of an item.

Astrogate[INT]: Trained only. Use this skill to plot a course through hyperspace.

Bluff[CHA]: You are good at tricking people into believing in what you want them to believe.

Climb[STR]: Armor Penalty Check. You can climb stuff.

Computer Use[INT]: Use this skill to operate a computer or write and/or modify computer programs.

Craft[INT]: You get to pick a Craft. It can be anything. From Sculpture to Droid repair. You are also able to earn credits by practicing your given craft.

Diplomacy[CHA]: You are able to negotiate effectively and influence others.

Disable Device[INT]: Trained Only. Use this skill to disarm traps are brake security locks or Booby-trap a mechanical device.

Disguise[CHA]: Use this skill to change your appearance or someone elses.

Entertain[CHA]: You are skilled in some type of artistic expression and know how to put on a show.
You get to pick a type of entertainment you provide (like chant, comedy, mime, drums...etc.).

Escape Artist[DEX]: Use this skill to slip binders off or fight through tight spaces.

Forgery[INT]: You are able to make forged electronic documents (Such as a Starships transponder code) you can also detect others forgerys

Gather Information[CHA]: Use this skill to make contacts in an area, fiund out local gossip, spread rumors.Stuff like that

Handle Animal[CHA]: Trained only. You can train an animal to do stuff.

Hide[DEX]: Armor Penalty Check. You can hide well.

Intimidate[CHA]: You are good at intimidating people. Either through verabal threats or body language.

Knowledge[INT]: Trained Only. You are knowledgable about something. Be it a person, place or thing.

Listen[WIS]: Use this skill to hear appraoching enemies or listen in on a conversation.

Move Silently[DEX]: Armor Check Penalty. You are good at sneaking up behind people, or sneaking away from them.

Pilot[DEX]: Use this to operate a vehicle whether it be in land, sea, air, or space.

Profession[WIS]: Trained only. You can pick an occupation, and make money doing it.

Read/Write Language[none]: Trained only. You can read and write a language of your choosing.

Repair[INT]: Trained only. You can repair damaged machinery or electronic devices.

Ride[DEX]: You can ride something. When you choose this skill pick a type of mount to ride.

Search[INT]: You can scour an area to find something.

Sense Motive[WIS]: Use this skill when you think someone is bluffing you.

Sleight of Hand[DEX]: Trained only. Armor Check penalty. You are able to pick pockets or do fancy tricks with your hands.

Speak Language[none]: Trained only. You can speak a language. Pick a language you will be able to speak.

Spot[WIS]: Use this skill to spot and ambush or a creature lurking in the dark.

Survival[WIS]: Use this skill to hunt wild game, guide a party through natural hazards and the like. You are also able to find shelter and food in the wild.

Swim[STR]: You can swim.

Treat Injury[Wis]: Use this to help others recover from wounds.

Tumble[DEX] Trained only. Armor Penalty Check. You can dive, roll, flip and such. You also know how to fall and take less damage.

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