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Originally posted by Gabez
Taking life too seriously, eh? And this is a two page thread containing a heated argument concerning the name of another forum which is a sub-forum of another forum of a site called LucasForums which is about 0.00001% or the Internet, which is a moderately small part of our society, which is part of this planet, which is so infinitely small that it really doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of the universe, which is probably only one of an infinite amount of other parallel universes which alltogether makes up something that the human mind can't even comprehend.

Dude, put it into perspective. ;;
Oh, what the hell, everyone else is doing it, and I'm just writing the conclusion to a deep and meaningful 1000 word essay, so I need a break .

But this reminded me of a book i read recently, or at least a part of the book, infact, it's just a small segment. Meh, i'll just throw it in and let you interpret it.

'You know those games where this ball runs up and bounces around and ends up in a slot at the bottom?'
'Pinball machines?'
'Is that what they're called now?'
'I think so'
'Oh right.' The Alderman nodded. 'Wel... when you're bouncing around from pin to pin, it's probably very difficult to know that outside the game there's a room and outside the room there's a town, and outside the town, there's a country, and outside the country there's a world, and outsoide the world, there's a billion trillion stars and that' only the start of it... but it's there, d'you see? Once you know about it, you can stop worrying about the slot at the bottom. And you might bounce around a good deal longer.'

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