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The picture Rhett posted is better for comparison, but Skinkie brings up a good point. I'm not sure if he looks older, but he don't look 20 years younger: I can tell you that much. The red bags under the eyes are a tad too much I guess. I still like it. I am so hyped for this movie ever since I got a glimpse of the few photos floating about (Anakin and Obi , the old time lightup buttons, Bail's outfit, and now this.... It's wonderful )

I have a feeling that isn't real though.... The fact there is no background to it and his hand is up to his chin like that tips me off its just a Photoshop veteran using his magic. In ANH, Tarkin's in that pose as he awaits the Deathstar to fire on Yavin. I could be wrong, but it's just a tad weird he's posed and you can't see the set behind him.

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