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Sincere confession:
My English is not enough, i'm still a student. I understand very hard what you're saying.
A friend of mine is writing these sentences for me. This is the reason for the rejection
from the authors. I can surpass this with your help. Author list is above. These mods'
readme files are available in the Total Conversion. I think that I'm serving to the
Star Wars community. My goal isn't theft or something else. If you have studied the mod
carefully, you can understand that this mod is not an ordinary map pack. Let's unite and
create a better and entertaining Jedi Knight mode to the Star Wars fans.

Thanks to everyone who claimed to help and send e-mail to me.I receive many e-mails,
telling me to deliver the mod for money but this is not my purpose.
If this package becomes online on
(still working on english help and setup) you will be able to receive it on a cd,
without downloading it.

................TOTAL CONVERSION OF JEDI KNIGHT SERIES..............
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