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Exclamation Get these files! (Updated 05/13/06)

Edit (May 13, 2006): The only "required" files we run on the server typically are the OJP Basic files, occasionally the JA Bonus Map Pack, and that's usually about it, though it will help to have any of the files featured on this (new) page:

(the below information is outdated, but feel free to try any of those if you wish!)

Full list of current mods (all obtainable from, or elsewhere such as that MAY be in use on the server (none most of the time):

(removed "Wampa Joust" and "Arena of the Rancor" since I haven't used them in ages, and removed "KOTOR Flight School" since I hear there's a newer, better version anyway)

-Asteroids Mod (Created with the help of Raven, advanced ship combat in space! Includes improved edition of Siege Destroyer Assault!)

-Siege Destroyer (An older version of the map, not as good as Destroyer2 in Asteroids, but will be used in its place until I can get the latest OJP linux which includes the Asteroids code!)

-JA Bonus Mappack (Adds 4 new FFA maps, 1 new CTF and 1 new Duel map to the rotation. An early Xmas present from Raven Software!)

-JKII_voices_3.0.pk3 (UPDATE. gives the unique taunts back to JK2 characters and gives multiple taunts in Duel/PowerDuel)

-JKII_ffa.pk3 (JK2 FFA converted map pack)

-JKII_duel.pk3 (JK2 Duel converted map pack)

-JKII_ctf.pk3 (JK2 CTF converted map pack)

-ithorian.pk3 (Ithorian MP skin)

-OJP (OpenJediProject) Basic (various tweaks and fun features like RGB sliders for custom Jedi)

-DDS Ibots Smarter, Faster, Angrier bots!

-DDS Re-routed Bots navigate the FFA and CTF maps much more intelligently and are therefore more challenging.

-Jawa team skins Makes the Jawa skin selectable in the Profile menu with icons, and gives him red and blue skins for TFFA and CTF. Never get confused again!

Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

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