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Thanks for the pic, oh friends of mine! I've been looking everywhere for one ... (okay I've looked, but not super hard or anything) my only problem is that none of the pics made fits my computer backround size - 1024x768
So unfornately, my backround shows only Ani's body, and like half of his face. Still, I'm happy to have at least seen the damn thing! Thanks again!

=- Ladies and Gentlemen, a preview of Episode III, Wrath of Dooku's ... Hands!-=

Lord Dooku to Anakin Skywalker - "Lord Palpetine has tought you how valuable you are to the Sith, my friend. What he has not tought you, is how to have a cool Lord of the Rings style hairdoo!"

- Dooku takes Anakin to a couple of his evil hobbit friends .... a few hours later and .... wallaa! One Jedi/Hobbit ready for action!

Anakin to Dooku - "Wow! I look so much like ... either David Hasslehoff ... or Elijah Wood, I can't decide. Either way, thanks!"

Dooku to Elijah erm ... Anakin - "It is no problem, my friend. No problem at all! Mwahahahahaha! (Dooku's step towards giving everyone a LOTR hairstyle is almost complete ... )
"Now on to Obi and his growing beard ... I'll have those in pony tails in no time flat!"

Anakin to Dooku - "Lord Dooku .. W .. why are you touching me like that?

Dooku to Anakin - "Hmmmmmmm? Oh ... hehe ... my apologies, young Skywalker. Sometimes these dark powers have a way of manefesting themselves ..."

Anakin to Dooku - "Yes, well, now that you've been warned of this, could you please quit rubbing me, it's really giving me the creeps!"

D to A (Too much typing, getting lazy) - "Yes ... yes of course! Ahem ... on to Kenobi then!"

Obi Wan Kenobi -
"I have a bad feeling about this! I'm going to shave my beard .. possibly my head too .. maybe it will start a new Jedi trend .. yes .. I'll be doing that now."

Wrath of Dooku's ... Hands!
(In theaters .. never.)
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