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I don't post here much, but my fellow Massassians brought this to my attention, so I felt that I should post this.

TimFX. You can't just take other peoples' work without their permission... let me make an analogy. What you're doing is basically similar to ripping off Shakesphere... anyone in this community can tell you're doing it. Now, the way I see it, you have four options:
[list=1][*]You can contact each and every one of the authors, asking for explicit permission to use their material in your game. Then, their name should appear in-game somewhere in a credits listing, or near the material they allowed you to use. If an author says "No", (which many might, seeing as you tried to pass off all this as your work in the very first post, and didn't admit it until confronted with the fact), you remove their material from your mod. I suspect from what I already heard you don't want to do this.[*]You remove ALL material not made by yourself, and make something yourself. I suspect you don't want to do this either.[*]Publish this without any changes, permantly losing all respect from anyone who downloads it, and having it immediately removed from all download locations by various people, including gothicX and maybe myself. You would also be permabanned from anywhere you posted it. This SEEMS to be the path you have been on...[*]Drop the whole thing. Somehow I don't think you want this one...[/list=1]

The choice is yours.

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