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I wouldn't waste money on impatience. E3 will be out soon enough. Besides, most of the things in the Hyperspace Pass can be found in other places ... I think. But also, for those very hardcore-die hard SW fans out there, the HP may be just for them. I also think that there are some things that you could probably see in the HP that won't be in the movie, and also there will be some things you will see in the movie, that won't be on the HP. So more or less, go for it if you really want to. The choice is yours of course, but I personally am waiting for the movie to come out. I do, however, enjoy taking a few peeks at the "spoiler" posts, seeing as how most of it is just speculation anyway. I remember seeing one of the trailers for E2, and almost dying from the sheer coolness of it, hearing Vader slowly breathing through his mask, showing Obi locked up with Dooku, and all the other fun stuff. An E3 trailer would probably give me a heart attack lol.
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