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Name: Shade Retylinga
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Weapons: Whatever he comes across
Ship: The Lost Star A modifed Imperial Shuttle

Shade grew up on Tatooine, till one day when he and his family was atacked by Tusken Raiders.
Shade was the only survivor and managed to get to Mos Eisley, where he joined the Empire.
While during traning, Shade discovered his talent in the force and he was made a Dark Jedi. Shade fought alongside the Empire for 2 years, until he was faced with a Jedi Master who after had defeated him managed to turn Shade away from the dark side.
Shade was weak, and humiliated and destroyed his lightsaber and fled from the Jedi Master.
He started life as a bounty hunter and has since then travelled from system to system, taking on small and big jobs, trying to find his place in the galaxy...

More info:
Shade has been in mortal danger many times, but have never used the force. His hatred for the force and the Sith Lord that trained him is strong enough to keep his force from losing its "touch" but he is to scared to used it, due to the risk of him falling to the dark side again.
Theories about the Jedi Master who rescued him are many, but it seems like it was eiter Kyle Katarn or Luke Skywalker who defeated Shade.
Shade himself refuses to talk about the whole deal. He has promised to unreveal everything about himself the moment he kills the Sith Lord that trained him.

Succesful missions:
The Plans of Death
The New Empire Arises

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