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Multiple Arm Attack!
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EMON - I'm guessing that's pretty close!

I managed to get one of the models from Lightwave into a MD3 thismorning, so once all the textures are done and I've fine-tuned everything on that one model, I'll have a go at making it into a vehicle!
Once I get the process worked out - all the others should be fairly easy (Except the animals - since I'll need to work out how to animate them - I hope I don't need to do anything with XSi or 3DSmax!)

As for the scout trooper - I need help with the "bone weighting" & tags etc and just getting him from a model into the game. If anyone can provide assistance, that would be really cool.

(I also modeled his blaster - either to go on the model or perhaps someone can point me in the direction of a gun-making tutorial for JK - Thanks )


BTW - I'll be releasing these vehicles individually for everyone to use, although I have some plans to use some in a couple of my maps.

Hey! Flying the lambda shuttle in JK:JA is cool! Too bad the control method for space-ships really suck - Hmmm, I wonder if they can be adjusted!
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