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monsoontide, i have seen you thread just now. i am working on a STAP and a speeder bike too, but i dont want to be a competition for you nor the other way around, so way not working togehter? one thing we should discuss, thats the naming of the models, so people can get both of our model without getting trouble. i named them >stap< and >speeder_bike<, the folders and those things you know. we both could give it a second addition so its clearer which model is which. what names do you use?

Your Dewback is realy great, but for animated models you need to use the XSI way. it doesnt work with milkshape and modelview, because you have to create a .gla animation file for it. but if you want we could work together on that. i already made new animation, its my droideka model and it will work the same way like your Dewback will. i am still working on that to figure out some more possibileties.

i could also help you with the scout trooper weighting, but i think there is already a scouttrooper released for JO, but i am not sure.

so what you think, better work together then against each other?
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