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Nightlight's back?

HUZZA! It's about freaking time. I'm still Downloading NoRF right now, so I'll get back to you with my opinon on that... Also If I feel the show is understandable to the average joe off the street I'll head out and pimp the holy hell out of it to a couple of the big wig forums I go to (PvP Forums and Penny Arcade Forums) course if I do that, your Bandwidth use may go through the roof for a day or so....

Is there anyway to get any of the other radio shows back up, more content would draw more people.

Also. Paypal donations. I would give you money, lots* of money every month to help pay your bandwidth bills. Not because of how your site looks but because of the content.

*not a lot, but some

keep it up 8 of 12, you da man.

EDIT: AHAHAHA! You spoofed the Tex Murphy radio plays! AHAHAHAHA you RULE!

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