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Originally posted by The Adventurer
Nightlight's back?

HUZZA! It's about freaking time. I'm still Downloading NoRF right now, so I'll get back to you with my opinon on that... Also If I feel the show is understandable to the average joe off the street I'll head out and pimp the holy hell out of it to a couple of the big wig forums I go to (PvP Forums and Penny Arcade Forums) course if I do that, your Bandwidth use may go through the roof for a day or so....

Is there anyway to get any of the other radio shows back up, more content would draw more people.

Also. Paypal donations. I would give you money, lots* of money every month to help pay your bandwidth bills. Not because of how your site looks but because of the content.

*not a lot, but some

keep it up 8 of 12, you da man.

EDIT: AHAHAHA! You spoofed the Tex Murphy radio plays! AHAHAHAHA you RULE!
Will you believe that I've never heard of Tex Murphy?

But PVP is cool. I love PVP. It's the only comic I read, online or offline.

As for bandwitdth bills... there are none. It's a perk of being a lucasforums stooge and having the banner ads. I'll think about the paypal thing though. Give it some thought.

Want some funny radio plays?
Nightlight Productions
All Night Long
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