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great, lets work together. here is the thread on my models:

about the file names, i have a suggestion, lets both add a suffix, my model would be named >stap_dun< and yours >stap_mon<? if the only difference is you got a JA prefix, people will get confused. they think my model must be for JO then, or some even more confusing

i also saw your tag and skin problem. i dont know exaxtly about the skins, it could be something wrong in your file, your texture has a wrong size proportion (128x128, 256x256, 512x512 or 1024x1024) or an incorrect path name or file name.
i add the tag right in the modeling program as small triangles and export it with the model. but dont know that for milkshake.

it would be also cool if we compare our .veh files. surely it would be fun if our vehicles are different in driving, but one shouldnt be two times faster, you know. that makes people download both of our models
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