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Te'Ku's padawan came next to Shade
"Whats going on" He asked and looked Shade.

In the same time Te'Ku was walking towards the toilet whisseling the Star Wars tune

The ship landed to a Hangar next to the Jedi temple. Some New Republic guards came aboard the ship and checked everything except the container where the boy was.
Guard 1: "Everythings okay here, only the crew, two jedi's and someone with them..."
Guard 2: "Okay, Let's head back to the barracks... It's lunch time!"
Guard 3: "Yayyy!! Let's go emmediatly to the barracks!!"
Guard 4: "No!! It's the maggotfood-day!!"
Guard 3: "Yak!! Let's stay here instead"
Guard 2: "I know this beautiful place near the pub! Lets go there..."

The Guards disappear with their hoverbikes somewhere.

Te'Ku walks whisseling outside and looks the beautiful(!!!) Jedi temple.

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