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Te'Ku's padawan runs to the Jedi temple and straight to the council to be tested.
Te'Ku looks to Shade "Maybe... It's just so hard to find good soldiers now days"
Te'Ku walks with Shade, talking about the Cargo ship.
Then they stop at the door of Te'Ku's room.
"Theres just one thing I haven't tell you... I'm not just a Jedi master... I'm on the lower council... But, now you must to wash up and do... stuff like that... Youse my room" Te'Ku opens the door and the view of Te'Ku's room is magnificent.
"I must go now to the Lower council meeting but make yourself at home. My padawan should be here soon"
Shade walks in and Te'Ku closes the door walking towards the garden where the meeting will be

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