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See that's the thing, why do people never want to join a server that has only bots in it?

If nobody ever does this, then there will never be any players in a server (think about it). And I can reasonably only spend so many hours a day sitting in my server hoping to attract people to use it.

A person should join, play for awhile, and if others see them and join, etc. Consider it a warm-up. But it seems like some people only want to join a game that is already 15/16 (meaning that full servers will always stay full and nobody will ever join an empty server).

My logs are full of people who join, then leave seconds later (not even enough time to say anything to them). They could save themselves a lot of time simply by clicking on "server info" before they join.

LoL... anyway, pet peeve of mine, not aimed at you per se. This isn't a problem just with JA, but all online games I've ever played.

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