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Not much I can tell you I afraid. I don't use a force feedback joystick. Here are a couple of snipets from the LucasArts Support site:

Technical Reference Guide - Details

Multiple Joysticks

If you have more than one joystick installed on your system, such as USB devices, you will have to select your preferred controller before starting the game. To do this:

Open the game's launcher.
Select Hardware Configuration.
Select Joystick Options.
Select your preferred controller from the list and choose Accept, then Done.

Force Feedback Support

Rogue Squadron has support for Force Feedback joysticks through Microsoft's Direct Input. If a Force Feedback joystick is detected, the appropriate box in the Joystick Settings screen will be automatically checked (Enable Force Feedback). All of these joysticks vary in their functionality and may work differently in the game, or you may have a newer Force Feedback joystick that is not supported. Some forces may be stronger than others, depending on the type of Force Feedback stick you are using. To enable the Passcodes below, they must be entered in the 'General Settings' screen.

PassCodes Enables
LEIAWRKOUT Activates forces for acceleration and deceleration.
GUNDARKA Activates forces for varying the stick resistance depending on your velocity.

If the LEIAWRKOUT cheat is enabled, there is a command-line switch that can be used to desensitize the craft to joystick-movement caused by force feedback effects (-i).

**My comments** - Since DirectX is involved, I would definitely recommend using version 7.0a. Other than that, I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe run DirectX Diag for the new joystick? Good luck.

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