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Te'Ku looks at Rebecca
"You must be Rebecca... I've heard a lot of you in the lower council. You are some kind of Sith hunter? Right?"
Te'Ku then looks after Shade "Goddammit... Sorry Master Rebecca... Gotta go."
Te'Ku runs with forcerun next to Shade "What is it?"
He sees the boy scared as hell
"Hmm..." Te'Ku starts walking towards the boy "What's your name? I am Jedi master Te'Ku and..." Guards storm to the place and notice that they are not welcome from Te'Ku's ex-padawan's look that was allmost killing them if a look could kill. Te'Ku straighten his arm in the Guards direction and threw them allmost five meters backwards. When the guards were standing they looked each other and then started to run away like cowards.
"So... As i was saying... I am Jedi master Te'Ku and you can tell me what's the matter..."

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