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Vjun Anomaly

After you first spot the TIE Bombers: there is a section of pipe outside in the rain which can be sabred open and there is three det packs in there (I am fairly sure they are det packs) but the hole is not big enough to fit through and force pull doesn't seem to work.

Also is this one of the secrets, I am trying to find them but I don't know how many there should be on this level, you only get told how many there for part three.

I don't know if anyone else noticed but on one of the very first levels there is a secret on the level (very helpfully I cant remember what level or where the secret is) but at the end of the level it says there weren't any secrets. They make it very difficult to get all the secrets (yes I know they are supposed to be). Does anyone have a list of how many secrets there are per level?

I am very sorry for the length of this boring post. Thankyou for your time to anybody that bothers to read this far.
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