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We are asking permission for all authors. There is a support group is …..
We like to se you with us so we can create bigger and more entertaining mode.
We have thanked list in the mode.
Also author names will be in package such as

MAP Creators:
Each author name will be wrote right corner on the map as well as in the readme file.
Also there name will be appear setup screen in KOTF and credit list will be in KOTF web site.

Skin Creators:
Author name will be given to each skin. For example: Zam Wesell-NeoMarsl.
And of course there name will be appear in setup file and credit list on the web page.

Mod and New Level Creators:
All authors name will be appeared in KOTF. Screenshot’s ever new section
has there own author name on right corner on the scene. Also the author name will be
appeared in credit list and readme file.

................TOTAL CONVERSION OF JEDI KNIGHT SERIES..............
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