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Very good work qaz.

I actually disagree with your thoughts about single saber.
Red stance, close to the enemy is very very deadly. The right side slash for example hits twice, when your saber is behind you and when is infront, if you manage to do that you will let the enemy close to dead, then you have the 2 other hits of the combo which will kill him instantly.

Then about blue and yellow against staff and duals. I use yellow a lot when the enemy is close to death. The blue lunge is very lethal, and the normal blue slashes can be used to finish an enemy (any).
Yellow dfa is absolutely useless, every time i try it i fail.
I have only hited with it twice, one was an instant kill (100/100), and the other took 100 shields. And both were against an standing player.
I am sure it has it goods, maybe against saber barrier or some kata but i duno.

About staff and duals i cant really tell cause i havent used them not even once.
But i know saber barrier is incredibly strong, when using it in close close combat, using yawspeed, it worths the sacrifice to let them hit you afterwards.
Thats all.
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