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Before i join your server, i always check if theres anyone inside, if not. I'll go join other servers.

Its not fun playing with bots.
I know if you're playing on the internet, you'd rather play humans, so would I, so would most people, BUT, as I've said...

By that logic nobody will EVER join my server, because somebody HAS to be the first one to join and patiently wait for others.

So if you really want to play somebody on my server, you may have to wait a bit.

At least you click server info though and don't just join and immediately leave.. that bugs me when people do that. ; p

About half the time I'm running a server I'm also sitting here at the computer doing something else. If I see somebody join, I will usually say hi to them (from the console) and try to join the game to play with them. But it takes a little while for JA to load up for me, so if they immediately leave they missed their chance to play with at least one person (myself). So if people would be a little more patient... ; )

The other thing is, people don't need to complain about "lag" within the first 30 seconds of a person joining. That is normal...
After a bit it clears up.

To use debugmelee do this:

seta g_debugmelee "1" (put that in your server cfg file).

To USE it on a server that has it enabled, simply don't assign any force points to Saber Attack (Saber Offense) in your profile.

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