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Yes, but there is a problem with red swing. When blocking with heavy stance, you get the least then out of any other stance. Meaning while your saber is knocked back you are getting CREAMED if a dual or a staff is close enough. Your strategy DOES work agaisnt staff as i told you because staff is predictable and slower then crazy duals. Also, I do not disagree that a skillfuly done heavy swing will be efficient anywhere, but agaisnt duals? BE REALISTIC.

On my second official test game every one of my opponents but one used heavy swings at 1 point of the dual. They used exactly what you said, a red chain that went like this quite fast \ --> / a couple of times, but it DID not help them

By the time they were making the swing they were doing it quite in some other direction because they tried get away from the blocking lock i was inflictic on them with exessive dual random swings, then i did another one of my twitches and that is the end of them. Your strategy agaisnt duals will work if your opponent doesnt use the randomness of duals to his advantage, thus repeating exactly the same thing all the time, while on the other hand a smart dual guy will easily mess up your needed aiming for this swing and shall "Crouton" you to death.

using yavin is a script, which is not normal dueling, its about the same cheese (only less powerful) when people just scripted blue lounge to murder poor players with touch of a button. NOt to mention any idiot who will stand in the way of the Saber SHield deserves to die without any scripts whatsoever... (altough if you trap your opponent into an inescapable situation, saber shield is deadlier then twirl sometimes because of range and AoE.)

Your strategies on using yellow DFA, well, you got unlucky sorry. You just can't get the right moment unlike other players can, so you have to adapt differently. For me that move ROCKS, you can't imagine how pleasant it feels to Decapitate ( on dismemberment upon death servers) a Butterfly staffer.

And lastly, your light stance can work on "hit and run" style attacks, but if some goes for Crouton, light stance will be overwhelmed with immense # of attacks, (if it wasn't, duals would be useless agaisnt light, , so balancing issues make my method of Crouton possible)

Also, you are proving my point that everyone also has their own small tricks up their sleeves which works the best for them. I am just pointing out THE most effective strategies agaisnt players who aren't super-reflexed and aren't the true lamers (scripters to do moves for them, not scripters who do fun and enjoyable stuff for everyone). Once again, am just above average player, so I am not trying to convince everyone that my small analyzis brings the BEST solution.
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