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Shutt's opinion doesn't count. So anyways. Ummmmm I guess most of us were brought up on the Harbor (so to speak, you know what I mean) so for many of is it has that sentimental thing to it. But like Mr Joshi said I think it was(and what's with the name change dear? What happened to the Neil?) I guess it's time to move on I guess. The harbor has caused nothing but problems in recent months.

The best thing to do would be some sort of compromise. Harbor Life was suggested, which could work, but yes, it makes me think of a life insurence company. If I guess a decision can't be made, I just suggest "Off Topic Discussion" or something equally boring like that.

Life and how to live it is growing on me, I just think that if I was a newbie, seeing a forum called that would freak me out and make me want to run away crying. It just seems so serious and overpowering I guess.

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