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I dont agree with you on staves being useless.

When i vs a red stance with my staff i almost never kata, butterfly because that would just lead to hp dmg for myself.

What i do is slash and keep slashing keeping my distance, then getting small hits when thier open.

After 10 mins of duel i have high hp and red user is now dead.

Sometime during that 10 mins, most people get impatient and go deep (around the time they are low health) for a hit and thats when i use Butterfly.

Its boring, long, pisses the red user off, but it works.

If i get behind a red user, i move around them 360 degree spinning my saber.

Against other styles? If im playing serious i do the same;
Chipping life till they die.

I also disagree on red stance "creaming" double when close.
If your close to the double he can duck and start his quick speed swinging around the leg.

Its all the matter of skill, patience, and timing.

I dont think anything truly sucks, they all have its uses.

Blue, Yellow, Red all have moves that are useful.

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