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you need to edit yoru server.cfg file a bit kurg 30 min duel limits with bots is horrible, cause it takes 30 min, they loose each other on some maps, plus regular players get kicked when new players join, and the bots stay in some cases
That shouldn't be right, there are always 2 slots free for humans to join and bots should always be kicked when new people come in.

I'll double the time limit for duels and only use two bots (or remove them entirely) for that gametype. Thanks for pointing this out!


Kurgan, can you disable the grip, lightning and drain?
If I did that, I'd have to disable heal, mind trick and absorb as well...

Just use Absorb and you won't be affected by those powers.

while chatting.
If it's a duel, you should be fighting, not chatting during the battle, no offense.

And always repeat of force powers. like grip and drain.
Absorb and he will just waste his mana.

if i were the admin, i'd kick him out and ban him from the server.
But this is my server, and I say that's fair. You just have to adapt to his tactics. Trust me, it can be done.

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