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Exclamation More Models

Hey folks!

Well, with Duncan_10158's help, we've managed to get my stap model in game. It's a wee bit on the small side (currently - will be fixed) and I have to work out several conversion issues for my models before I can give them to Duncan for converting to in-game but I should work it this week so we can work on getting them finished.

Also working on this model to go with the speeder bike and Scout - No! Really! It will look good!

As part of an MP Endor map

And finally, nearly have Anakins speeder from EP2 done. Just have to work on blending and sharpening the textures so there's no seams. (These textures are VERY incomplete!)

Thanks to everyone for their continuing support and assistance.

In the meanwhile, Duncan_10158 has released his Speeder_Bike and Stap models for download, so check them out too!

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