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My turn!!!

Just to make sure everyone is clearn on the difference between, class and cross-class skills.

Class skills are skills that are listed in a table in the defination of your class. (if you don't have a book, one of us who does will tell you, or maybe if i send i list to kvan he will update his posts to include that) Any skill that is not listed in that table is a cross-class skill. The only difference between the 2 is how you buy skill ranks. on a class skill, every skill point you spend on that skill earns you 1 skill rank on that skill. On a cross-class skill, every point you spend on a skill earns you 1/2 or .5 skill ranks on that skill (so it would take 2 skill points to get one skill rank)

Everyone got that???

Good. because i have to go back to work

I don't have to blow up everything
I jusk like to.
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