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I spit vociferously. *spits on Roy*

Now I have to tell a story. (MUAHAHA!) I was walking downtown with my mom and we went past a furniture store that had its door propped open. All the lights were on and they had some cool stuff in the window, so we went in. All we had poked at was a nice couch when the lady in the back stopped yakking on her cell phone and yelled at us to get out, because the store was closed!

We thought it very rude, so when we walked past it again a while later, my own mother bet me five bucks I wouldn't spit on the shining store window.

So I did, and very well and accurately, too. I had been practicing, of course. (Also I'll do almost anything for money.)

Later someone asked us about the store, and we derided its dirty loogy-covered windows with great spirit.

Ok, that was far longer than any post in the Games section need be, so you people had better enjoy it. No, I meant .

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