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if youre in blue stance your defensive ability goes WAY up and you can block stuff fast enough to shut down even the dual saber flag-twirl move.

as for the jumping twirl i usually just get out of the way and smack em from the side with a red top down or diagonal slash. that works most of the time. then i switch to yellow stance if im fighting someone with decent skill or blue stance if its a spammer type (hold down attack, press various directions, toss in a random special move to look cool).

against the saber staff i find yellow to be my best bet overall. if they use the butterfly attack i usually roll out of the way or hop over em. timed right, a DFA can send you over them and end in a kill or some good damage on them. against the kata i just get out of their way until after the final swing. then i approach em from the side (which will usually result in them rolling away) and switch to red for a smack on them as they stop rolling. if they roll away from you, go ahead and use the red DFA, as itll often land straight on em. if they roll back or forward (they rarely roll toward you) just wind up the appropriate diagonal swing and smack em.

if it looks like the staffer im fighting has any skill, i switch between medium and fast styles to keep them on their toes. fast is usually used on the defense and for quick, annoying strikes. medium is what ill switch when i attack, and sometimes ill switch mid-combo to strong to screw em up even further.

hope that helps ya.
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