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Re: Hi

Originally posted by Buffy
did you add new speeder bike & stap too ??
in kotor_flight_school map ...
this bikes Turbo can fly over to othere side of base so we can play CTF now... here is pics

Please spwn this bike for your server ... thank you
when I join your server it always you guys sleeping so only play with bot...
I really hate sometimes liveing in Hawaii....
also if my ping is bad please kick me anytime thank you

ps Mr' InsaneSith
your link is ok for me and I really like your model !!! he is so hot !
can you make more base on Obiwan models.. ? I like brown or blond hair is better..... not green ... sorry face is Amazing !
i'm going to be making a padawan version of when my character was a padawan soon. when he had brown hair.

anyway. kurgan what times are you on at i want to be able to play against you

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