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if they make piloting a skill, i imagine the skill tree would start off with something like "novice spacefarer" and then branch off into categories like freithter piloting, fighter piloting, starship gunnery and starship maintianance, and then they would perhaps break off to form eliete professions, like starship design for the maintainance branch and dogfighting for the fighter branch.

my guess why they would have piloting have a skill tree would be to give only the more experienced pilots access to better ships, equipment, etc. so some artisan with 12 million credits cant just go out and buy himself the best ship in the game.

As far as controls go, thats really anyones guess. i enjoyed freelancer, and i thought the controls worked beautifully, but back in the day i was a TIE Fighter junkie, and i would really like to see those controls.

thats all i've got

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