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I've noticed that the in the newer Star Wars films, the REALLY REALLY stupid, greedy, clumsy, and selfish characters all have some sort of accent that originates elsewhere besides england. The viceroy of the trade federation, a kniving (sp?), selfish, and gutless character has a non-english accent. The cruel and heartless slavedriver Watto also has a non-english accent. The insanely dumb leader of the Gunguns (again with the sp?) has a non-english accent. AND TO TOP IT OFF, the stupidest most annoying prick in the entire star wars genre has an overly done Jamaican accent. George decided to make all the idiots and evil-doers in his movies seem as if to come from other races, and that makes me mad. Because of that, the character known as Jar Jar Binks is very insulting to me.

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