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For some very strange reason, every time I read about Danni, I picture Ezri Dax from DS9. I think this is because I was reading Vector Prime and watching DS9 when Ezri came on the scene at about the same time..... But Danni is blonde to begin with... She does have the award for "Crappiest Depiction on Novel Cover" award, for that poor effort on "Reunion"

Speaking of novel covers, who the hell thinks that is Danni on the japanese 'refugee' cover. Thats Wynssa Fel for petes sake, right next to her dad, Soontir fel, who looks like Tommy Lee Jones with a handlebar moustache !!!! Wyn Fel is hot - who wants to start a fan club for her !!!!???

Danni is one of those chicks who would probably be fun to know in real life(there is a very real/human quality to her depiction), but - most will go for Mara Jade any day..........see the poll in this forum !


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