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Well, I wouldn't mind visiting the kingdom of Hyrule. Either Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask versions, though MM would be better, so I could score with Creamia (The owner of Romani Ranch).

For something a little more long-term. . . I'd be comfortable in the JK/MotS/JO/JA, though being a Jedi isn't exactly a safe career choice, with the Yuuzhan Vong fleet massing. . .

I'll pick one of my classic faves: DS9: The Fallen. At which point I'd promptly leave DS9 for Earth, San Francisco. I've always wanted to be in Starfleet. And, depending on the game's time-frame, I could neatly sidestep the whole Dominion War thing, and graduate just in time to return to DS9 and meet my all-time favourite character of any Trek generation.

Got it all planned out.

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