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*K'Warra wakes up in a large cage. It is made up of bars, even the floor. The bars in the walls of the cage crackle with magical energy.

The cage floats in a cavernous room, with the expensive furnishings of royalty. On the opposite end of the room, a giant cauldron sits with a potion simmering in it.

A form crosses over the floor and empties a packet of white powder into the mixture. K'Warra recognizes it as the humanoid form of a dragon.*

K'Warra: Shunaria.

*The dragon doesn't answer.*

K'Warra: Is that the immortality brew I smell cooking? I must say, it doesn't seem to be coming along too well. Maybe you missed an eye of newt somewhere along the line.

Shunaria: Your taunting means nothing to me, gargoyle. Soon, very soon now, I will have my immortality. Then I will crush all of you like the ants you are.

*Shunaria looks out the window. The first sunbeams stream in.

K'Warra's flesh turns grey. He resists the change with all his will, but something saps him of his energy. He tries to cast a spell to stop it, but it is already too late.

K'Warra freezes in place as he turns to stone.

The sun shines brightly over a new day.*

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