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Crisis of the Worlds

An new-Mrear/Cantina/Whatever RPG.

[Standard Rules, No Godmoding, No controlling others, Post Bio in first post.
One Special Rule: Your character can come from any plane in the multiverse. However, no omnipitent characters]

The Scenario...

The Darkstar has been sent back to the hells. And for a while, there was peace. Mahy events happened in the years that followed. Then the Aeges began to fear something. A great evil has stirred, something more than the Darkstar, Shunaria or anything they've faced before....


*The Meeting Place. The Aeges have gathered.*

Perhaps we can defeat him

Our hands are tied, this is a mortal matter. But the thought of such destruction...

No Mortals means no faith! And no faith means we FADE AWAY!

*The Aeges shudder at the thought*

But which one to send?

How about...?

All: NO

Selecting several to stop this. Multiple heroes, champions from all over the planes and times.

All: Agreed. Bring them.

*Several Individuals appear*

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