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I've been shooting up Kile II this evening. It's one of my favorites, plenty rich pickings for a skyborne laser terrorist like myself. The different compounds here and there are packed with buildings, ground dudes, laser turrets...and of course, plenty of TIE fighters to chase and smack down! I've been known to spend up to half an hour flying back and forth, just to make sure I've killed everything.

I discovered, on accident, a shortcut through the canyons of Kile II...between the spaceport and the barracks/sensor array complex. It shaves quite a bit of time when you're going after a medal, but bear in mind that it does usually cost a life.
At the entrance to the vale where the spaceport is located, just after the two laser turrets on the way in, there is a thin spot on the canyon wall. It is best seen on radar, where it shows clearly the clearing on the other side. It backs one of the side canyons behind the barracks on the other side.

Anyway. Just aim toward the top of the canyon wall at that point and give her the gas, lasers and missiles going. The wall doesn't actually break that I've ever seen, but it can't hurt to soften it up with weapons, can it? When you crash, the game will put you out magically on the other side, ready to zap some stuff up.
One time, and only one time, I managed to skip up over the wall and come out on the other side intact. I was flying the Millenium Falcon at the time; I think its shielding and thin shape did the trick, although I haven't been able to repeat it since.

Anyone else know of any shortcuts?

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