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More "rocket science" for my wingmates:

I've discovered another shortcut, similar to the one on Kile II. On the way to the Imperial Construction Yards on Balmorra, there is a section along the canyon with the scanning radar dishes that backs onto the construction complex. Crashing into the top of the canyon wall will put you out ahead of the other airspeeders.

Of course, if getting ahead is the idea...I've been known to drop behind the other two rebel speeders and frag their tails. That's right--you heard me. I shoot their worthless butts right out of the sky, just so I can have more targets for myself.
They scream and fall flaming from the sky, and as I fly past I say "Beep! Beep!" like the Roadrunner.

That ain't all. At the end of the freight run on Barkhesh, I like to chase the circling X-wings and smack them down JUST BECAUSE I'M BORED...! There is no target more challenging than a shielded spacefighter anyway, so I cheerfully zap them up like airborne turkies.

...And I'll do the same to anyone who gets in the way of my evil plans.

"The entire universe is simply the fractal chaos boundary between intersecting domains of high and low energy."

--Imladil the Trenchant

"What color is nothing?"

--Little Jimmy

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