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Right ON, Car Horn!

All cute furry Japanese animals must perish screaming in fire! No other fate is acceptible for these ungodly anime hogmunchers from the seventh level of hell.

I will be there at the end of the world, hunting pikachus with a sharp stick. It is as certain as night following day, that I will not rest until they are utterly destroyed.

IDEA: Like how we almost wiped out the buffalo...we could start a high society fashion for pikachu fur! Pelts would be in such demand that snapshots are All we'd have left of them. Ah--ha-hah! Ha-ha-hah!

"The entire universe is simply the fractal chaos boundary between intersecting domains of high and low energy."

--Imladil the Hippy

"Does the wise man on the mountaintop have the whole world up his butt?"

--Little Jimmy

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