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I'm having some problems with The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (demo from Computer Gaming World).

In The Dig, I've done everything necessary to get into the crypt via the lowering platform (I've made the moons eclipse, uncovered the lens, pushed the floor piece down with the rod, got the lights on, and read the museum display about it), and yet Low still won't go down. Why not?

Also, in the demo for Emperor's Tomb, on the Instanbul Breakout level, after Mei Ying helps you kill the three guys, you climb the bamboo structure, and swing on the chain to the above walkway. I'm outside and I switch to Wall Mode with "E." I get about halfway across the catwalk and Indy bumps off and falls to his doom. What am I doing wrong?

Thanx for any help you can give!

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