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People, people, people...

We can ALWAYS talk about Rogue Squadron. I just gave up on it 'cause those threads always seem to drift away.

For example: who here likes to fly the Millenium Falcon? I do, just for kicks...although it isn't suited to every level. For example, it does well on Chandrila, where it's all a running dogfight...but the thing chokes when exposed to heavily-armed targets like the World Devastators.

Just to test myself, I decided to see if I could get through the mission at Thyferra with the Millenium Falcon. It took me three failed attempts before I made it, because the auto-fire laser cannon like to target the bacta containers...but it sure was a challenge!

My main complaint about the Millenium Falcon is how the missiles are difficult to aim when snap-firing (a trick anyone discovers who gets impatient with the tracking lock-on and pushes the button twice rapidly). The side-mounted cockpit is fun to fly, I think, but it makes aiming missiles so awkward. (I guess anyone who flies with the ship in the screen won't know what I'm talking about, since I always fly in cockpit mode.)

There. That's some game talk for ya.

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