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(( is this the sequal to Mrear2? cuz it really doesn't sound like it. Mrear2 wasn't star wars was it? I have a feeling this is just another random starwars rp, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested, I just kinda set my character for more of an ancient age, now that it's futuristic mabee I'll just adjust it apropriately, so ignore my character, this is the new one)

Name: Selene
Age: 2,000
Race: vampire
weapons: Silver swords and other vampiric weapons. various blasters. And a dart rifle which can fire silver nitrate darts (secreating silver into the blood stream upon impact).
armour: She wears a black trenchcoat over top of black painted light metal.
Bio: Her father had lead the largest race of Vampires in the galaxy for thousands of years, since the first days of the Jedi, but the Vampires never had gotten involved much in other worldly things, until his death. Her father died in an invasion of their world, they were wiped out and now Selene leads the survivors.


Selene eyed the others suspiciously and silently observed their actions, all the while wondering what turn of events called for such a grizzly bunch.

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