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Yo! Yo! No rappers in da house!

I thought there was a sign up to prevent precisely this kind of gate-crashing. What do we need, drug dogs in the lobby? Jeez!

Just hackin' on ya, six-pack! Rap is girlfriend introduces me to some that I like. Bone Thugs in Harmony and Cyprus Hill are cool, and I get a kick out of Snoop Dogg and Easy-E. So anyway, do you play Rogue Squadron?
None of the rest of these fighterpilots seem to be able to stick to that subject for long , but I'm always looking for people who want to talk about the friggin' video game this whole site is BASED on! *rant, rant*

As for the question of who is illest here, I would recommend Little Vader...although both Lt. Guilo and myself enjoy symptoms from time to time.

"The entire universe is simply the fractal chaos boundary between intersecting domains of high and low energy."

--Imladil the Magician

"Is it possible to alter time without altering space?"

--Little Jimmy

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