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slight correction, but point remains...

Okay, I found a better quote: p. 185 of Refugee: "...a blond human girl who looked to be in her early teens ... in a black uniform that looked like a miniature version of the CEDF dress code." (Italics added for emphasis).

I'm interested to see what the people over at have to say, but how many early teen-aged girls do you know that look like that, hmm?

I also find it interesting that, although her age is never given, the book always refers to her as a girl, not a young woman or even an adolescent.

And another good quote, a little bit later, Jacen noticing that she looked "... like a schoolgirl trying to impersonate a Grand Moff..." Again, italics added for emphasis. He also thinks of her as "one so young". (Both from p.240). Then, on p. 250, he thinks " young she was, hovering on the cusp of adolescence". I look forward to confirmation, but to me that sounds a little too young to have a figure that full and developed.

Danni may not have done much, but she's becoming more important both to the story and to Jacen. She did help make a couple of critical discoveries in the book, too, so... That's just my take on it.

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