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Alawas a good friend is here =)

Always stuff to do.
With the work on my neck its wutie difficult to make somethin with the pc or 3dsmax.

I hope i got this weekend all done on Miguel...( new style of jawas and textures nice placed )

I dont like that slow downs ..and I hate to say.
When its done...
But thats it man

I am full into Tierra and the Project, never forgot about that and iam sure like the way I was the first day contacting 8 of 12 about Tierra 3d .

It will bei done, my promise to the nightlight community!
But please understand, it takes time ;(

Thanks for posting D, you r a good guy,



I fell asleep every moment.... -_- Hate to have to be up at 4 am every day!

- supreme pleasure -
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